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BuildaGreatFarm provides your company or organization with up-to-date information and contacts that can help you with your investment decisions. No costs for you.


Without farmers there is no food for humans and animals


The world population is growing and continues to grow; to 9 billion people by 2050?


The demand for food and especially healthy and safe food is expected to double


We exhaust the earth and ourselves as a result of over-exploitation, unsustainable farming and eating too much animal and processed food

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Sulaiman, Sri Lanka (Ceylon)

For the right quality of the tea leaves, a not too fast, but regular growth is of great importance.
Tea plantations last a long time, 30-50 years. That is why attention to fertilization is important, but so is a regular supply of moisture.
BuildaGreatFarm has helped us with useful information and contacts about soil improvement and organic fertilizers, because there are interesting new products on the market for us in this area. We will also invest in an irrigation or sprinkling system for tea and vegetable plantations within 1-2 years. Because we also notice the effects of climate change here.

- Farmer

Rick, North America (California)

At our company we grow several leafy vegetables (lettuce, iceberg lettuce, spinach), carrots and more and more types of cabbage. The market demands it; cauliflower, kale, white cabbage, they are healthy vegetables for humans.
However, we still knew little about cultivation techniques and about the optimal storage and preservation of cabbage varieties. Cold stores for the storage of types of cabbage will certainly be built, because spread sales means less risk.

- Farmer

Dave, Canada

Grain (wheat and maize) are the main crops on our farm and here in the area. We also grow some vegetable crops, mainly lettuce. The quality of the water is a problem with irrigation and this happens regularly. Through BuildaGreatFarm we easily came into contact with specialized companies in this field. Thank you!

- Farmer

Yuri, Ukraine

At our company we grow various vegetables, potatoes, maize and rapeseed in the open field. Because the demand for local vegetables is also interesting for us outside the growing season, we plan to start growing in greenhouses. To start with 15,000 m2 from next season.
We are also inquiring about organic production of vegetables for export to the EU.

- Farmer


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