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The demand for healthy and safe food will double in the world by 2050. At least that is expected as a result of increase in the world but also by changes in demand for more quality, quality food products, including meat-and dairy products. For companies with investment plans in the international or local livestock who want to capitalize this also means paying special attention to these opportunities to potential threats because there sometimes.

In new construction, expansion or renovation of sheds (dairy cattle, pigs, poultry) is up-to-date information from professional suppliers so important to make the right investment option (s). Stable Construction and increasing animal housing need attention to produce for a market that increasingly demands in this area. Animal Welfare (housing, stable climate, water, animal feed production, animal diseases), emission restrictions (stable floors), manure treatment and biogas-techniques, energy saving, automation, milking and milk cooling, food quality and safety, etc.

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Sulaiman, Sri Lanka (Ceylon)

For the correct quality of the tea leaves, a not too fast but regular growth is of great importance.
Tea plantations are long lasting, or 30-50 years. Therefore, attention to fertilization is important, but also a regular water supply.
BuildaGreatFarm helped us with useful information and contacts on soil improvement and organic fertilizers, because in this area for our exciting new products to market. We will also invest 1-2 years in an irrigation or sprinkler system for tea-and vegetable plantations. For we also note here impacts of climate change.

- Farmer

Rick, North America (California)

At our company, we grow more leafy vegetables (lettuce, iceberg lettuce, spinach), carrots and cabbage growing. The market demands it; cauliflower, kale, cabbage, the vegetables are healthy for humans.
Only we knew little about farming techniques and the optimal storage and custody of cabbage. Cold stores for the storage of cabbage will certainly come as a diversified sales means less risk.

- Farmer

Dave, Canada

Grain (wheat and corn) are our business, and here the main crops in the area. We also grow some vegetables, particularly lettuce. When the irrigation water quality is a problem and that happens regularly. Through BuildaGreatFarm we easily come into contact with firma`s specialized in this field. Thanks!

- Farmer

Yuri, Ukraine

We grow our business assorted vegetables, potatoes and corn and rapeseed in open ground. As the demand for local vegetables outside the growing season for us is interesting, we are planning to start production in greenhouses. To begin with 15,000 m2 next season.
Also we are in the information on organic production of vegetables for export to the EU.

- Farmer

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